Planned with Purpose

Have you ever considered how your life would have turned out without any of the strong women around you? Who do you think you would have become without them? Who would have taught you all you know, guided you, mentored you?

We can all agree, we will find life very difficult without any kind of assistance from those women who have done it before us. Tough, right?

Now imagine Eve. Eve was the first women. Her named literally means the mother of all living. She was not only the first woman ever, but she was a whole host of firsts. First wife, first mother, first granny.

It’s amazing to think that Eve being the first woman created, had no women around her. Take a minute & think about that. Eve had no one to support her. No one to show her the ropes. No one to tell her what was expected of her, no one to guide her through her marriage or pregnancies.

But you see, God created Eve. And when He created her, He created her and equipped her for a plan and purpose. Her purpose was to be a help-meet or partner for Adam, & for her to be the mother of all mankind.

Yes, yes, I know. Eve failed the assignment. But that does not mean if she failed in one part, that she failed at everything God called her to do. The thing that I find so interesting about her story, is that the Bible does not give us much more info on the rest of her life. We know that after Cain killed Abel, she didn’t make excuses for Cain. She knew he killed his brother. We know that God sends redemption when Seth was born. Because Jesus is eventually born through Seth’s line. We don’t know how long Eve lived for, but we know she gave birth to many more sons and daughters. Fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for her.

I want to leave you with 2 lessons learnt today.

1, it does not mean that if you are alone and you have no good women to support you in your life that you will be found lacking in your own life.

2, when God calls you, he equips you for your purpose. Trust Him. Eve made one mistake, and she paid dearly for it. But that did not mean she could not still fulfill her purpose…

This has been Day 1 of my Women’s Month Series, Lesson Learnt. Happy Women’s Month! 🌷🌷