Just Call Me Friend.

God talked to Moses on several occassions, the Bible says in Exodus 33:11 ‘God spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.’ This goes to show that God revealed himself to Moses, in a way which was rarely shown to any other. Not only in a physical way but on a personal level. God spoke to Moses with love and kindness, they shared a relationship usually seen between close and dear friends.

The ‘face to face’ is strange considering that no one was actually allowed to see God’s face. ?
But what Exodus 33:11 is refering to is the close knit relationship or friendship between Moses and God. That they could speak so freely to each other. God showed Moses a side to Him that was really not seen by anyone else.

God spoke to Moses not as a dominant to a servant, or as a King to his subjects, but as a person who would freely chat to his friend. A clear and open one on one with a friend who He loves, His confidant and personal adviser.

I’m sure this would have been a great sight to behold, but what a great encouragement to the people around Moses, to be able to see and experience that very real and intimate relationship between a man and God. But sadly they could never really experience it themselves.

But imagine the privileges we have today. Jesus made it possible that it was not only the Prophets of old who could have that kind of access to God but us as well. We now can have that same ‘face to face’ kind of relationship with God.

Through Jesus, we can easily have a close, loving and easy going relationship or friendship with God. All we have to do is go to Him, at any time. After all, He does call us friend…

P.S. you may be wondering how do you have a relationship with God? ? Find a quiet moment to read His Word, pray, listen to music and spend time in worship.

Go for a walk, have a early morning cup of coffee, sit up at night. Pray or worship when everyone is asleep, when you washing the dishes, when you driving, when you go to sleep and when you wake up… The more you do this, the clearer you will hear Him and the closer to Him you will become.