I Did It…

“Girl, don’t do it, it’s not worth it.” “I’m not gonna do it girl, I was just thinking about it, I’m not gonna do it………………….. I did it!” (You totally read that in the voice of the Tik Tok video, didn’t you? ?)

Who else loves this Tik Tok as much as I do? ? It’s such a cute and fun video. I think the way in which it portrays the inner working of the female decision-making process is absolutely spot on.

Aren’t we always trying to convince ourselves that we don’t need something? And then go directly against our better judgement and get it done in any case… (What comes to mind is the Syndrome, ‘Spend it now. Face the consequences later Syndrome’… ?) Yip, we all have those ‘I did it’ moments.

Sometimes those ‘I did it’ moments become our greatest decisions. But other times, those ‘I did it’ moments turn into sticky situations or can totally backfire. And when that happens you run the risk of putting your story out there, in the open. Where the world can now judge you and look down on you because of that one reckless, ‘I did it’ moment.

But today, I want to discuss someone who had the ultimate ‘I did it’ moment. Hundreds of centuries later the narrative of her life remains focused on her one devastating ‘I did it’ moment. Any idea who I am referring to?

Eve, it’s my girl, Eve… Eve has to take the gold for the biggest ‘I did it’ moment. Right there, in the beginning of time, in the Garden of Eden, the most perfect place on Earth, with all that she had, did one thing wrong. And in that one ‘I did it’ moment, threw it all away.

The sad part about Eve’s story is that no matter what, we always happen to turn the spotlight to her most heartbreaking ‘I did it’ moment. That single moment now encapsulates Eve’s life.

When you think of Eve, don’t you automatically focus on the forbidden fruit, her conversation with the serpent, her influence over Adam. Those words, ‘You shall not surely die.’ rings through the ages. It’s as if nothing else about who Eve was, ever mattered, it’s always about her ‘I did it’ moment.

And I guess that is understandable considering her actions literally caused the whole world to move from a perfect state to a cursed and fallen sphere. Every person after Eve had to pay the price for her ‘I did it’ moment.

But this story of Eve has been weighing heavy on my heart for the last few days. The more I researched her, the more I felt that Eve, with all her failings and shortcomings is no different than I am on my best days.

You see, what we fail to recognise about Eve, is that she was human. As we are. Eve made a mistake, as we regularly do. She listened to some voices, which she shouldn’t have given heed to. She made some questionable decisions, yes. But how many times have we made poor choices which not only affected us, but also the generations down our lines? ?

And, in all honesty, do you think the outcome would have been any less different if it was you in the Garden of Eden, in Eve’s place? Would you have done better? Would I have done better?  Can you with certainty say that you would have not done the same thing, had you been in that exact same situation?

But yet, here we are. We judge Eve and we mock her. We hate on her for her moment of weakness. Am I justifying what she did? No, it was wrong. But, what I’m saying, is that Eve’s story never ended at that moment she ate the forbidden fruit. Eve’s real story is one of how the Lord redeemed her from the worst ‘I did it’ moment ever.

Eve’s story clearly demonstrates the grace and mercy of God. Her story shows us that even when we do fail, and when we do mess things up how God through his unconditional love and mercy, redeems us. Eve’s story is the first story of how we can mess up, but her story is also the first story of God’s redeeming love, mercy and grace.

And this might sound strange because we know that because of what Eve did, God eventually curses both Adam and Eve and throws them out of the Garden of Eden. But today, I want to take you to a very important part of Eve’s story. I want to focus specifically on the promise God gave to Eve after the fall, and why that particular promise is so important to Eve’s story.

God’s Promise and Redemption

This, for me, is the pinnacle of God’s judgement of Adam and Eve. And what God does when He is giving His judgment on the situation, was to offer a promise to Eve. And this promise is so important, because in the promise, God offers retribution and redemption to Eve.

God puts enmity between the serpent and Eve. Enmity meaning, that there would always be hostility between them, including with their offspring.

‘And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” ‘

Genesis 3:15 NIV

What’s important about that enmity, that hostile relationship, is that it will ultimately lead to the demise of the serpent. Imagine the power that Eve’s seed will have. God gives them the ability to destroy the very thing that was meant to attack and destroy Eve. That which came to kill and destroy her will be overpowered and destroyed by her seed instead. Even though the serpent will attack her seed that He will eventually defeat the serpent.

And that is the first promise of the Redeemer which is to come. This is a promise of Jesus, who is to come and will eventually bring redemption and retribution for Eve.

And that for me, is so powerful. What Paul says, in Romans 8 is so apt in this story.

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. ‘

Romans 8:28 NIV

Even though what Eve did was so wrong, God makes way for her to destroy the enemy which lead her astray. Through Eve’s line, Eve would eventually be able to destroy the very thing that tried to destroy her. How great is that?

Never think that your situation is beyond redemption. Never think that what you have done is unforgivable. That the mercy and grace of God cannot save you. Because if God can turn a situation like Eve’s around, what makes you think He can not do it for you?

We all have moments which we wish we never had. We all have those ‘I did it’ moments. But trust and believe that Jesus was sent to bring redemption. Remember Jesus didn’t just come for Eve, He came to save you, He came to save me.

Let me leave you with 2 thoughts today.

Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about… If we judge everyone like we judge Eve, we will never be able to see the promises of God fulfilled in their lives. Jesus redeeming blood was shed for us all.

God’s mercy is greater than any mistake you have made. Stop thinking that you are not worthy of God’s love or that you are beyond any help. God is all sufficient.

P.S: If you have no idea what the ‘I did it’ Tik Tok is… watch it here… #YouWelcome


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