Tis the Season…

Tis the Season..

When I decided to start this blog, I had images in my mind of a stunning website with new engaging daily social media content, beautifully designed products readily available, a perfect monthly newsletter and blog post which everyone can relate to, at least once a week! Surely, that was not a lot to ask for? Boy, have I been mistaken… not even a month in I already feel overwhelmed by the pressure of it all. ?

Juggling my family life and running our own business has always been a hectic lifestyle for me, so adding on this website project was something I had my concerns about. But here I am… a month and a bit in and I’m truly overwhelmed…

So I spent some time praying about it, because that’s what we do when we feel overwhelmed, right? #TakeItToTheLord. After that I realised, its December! Who has any free time available in December? What exactly was I stressing about? ?

December has that hectic, rushing feeling automatically attached to it. We generally spend our whole year looking forward to that break we get at the end of the year, however when the time actually comes around, we are busy rushing around, braving the crowded malls, preparing menus, buying gifts, attending Christmas concerts, parties and year-end closings… preparing for those concerts, parties and events! The list is endless.

Not to mention if you are like me and have the added pressure of year end budgets and targets to meet. You know, all the stuff you didn’t get done throughout the year, and now its due?? Yeah, that procrastinating pressure is a tough pill to swallow. (Cos that is totally something which you brought on yourself! ?)

And worse still for us in South Africa, (Yes, my fellow South Africans, you know all too well what I wanna say… do I even have to say it? It’s almost like a swear word these days ? )What has made this December incredibly difficult for us… Loadshedding and don’t even talk about the rain, until 2 days ago I almost forgot what the sun looks like, imagine Sunny South Africa with no sun! ? We are literally drowning in the dark… so this too has really put a damper on things the last few weeks…(excuse the pun!) so if I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and behind on my schedule, you can see why…

But ‘Tis the Season! Time to get Christmas started people!!! Pray for me to get a newsletter and post out soon…?? Any ideas on how to get a Christmas Newsletter out 6 days before Christmas??? What? Eeeek it’s 6 days before Christmas?? I think you need to pray for me to pull Christmas together.. I have not done a single bit of Christmas prep yet… right now, I’m roast-less, my kids are present-less… and Japheth… well, in his mind Christmas is perfectly on track, so no worries for him!

On the plus side, my tree was up on December 1st! I have no idea how the time has passed since then… or how I got nothing done since then either?? ?? I would say help is almost on order but if only I was not OCD about getting things done the way I want it done…no I wouldn’t go that far as to ask for help! ?‍♀️

P.S. I need to reset these Christmas lights on my tree… see totally OCD!