The Faith Built Marriage.

A Lesson from Rebekah

One of the biggest decisions that a woman can make in her life is the one of marriage. Thousands of couples decide to get married everyday. And you have to wonder how many of them really consider the amount of faith is required when choosing a spouse.

When you decide to get married you are actually committing yourself to a person for life. And you have absolutely no guarantee that person will keep their vows. It’s indeed a very great leap of faith.

But, I want to share a part of Rebekah’s story, of how she decided to marry Isaac that I found so remarkable in regards to her faith.

After Sarah dies, Abraham out of concern for Isaac sends his closest servant to go back to his homeland. To his family to find Isaac a wife. Eliezer does just that, but Eliezer asks God for a very specific set of instructions on how he will find a wife. God does just as Eliezer asks and Eliezer comes across Rebekah.

How was it that Rebekah was at that well at exactly the right time? And how did she know she needed to offer water to both Eliezer and his camels? I don’t know, but, she does exactly what Eliezer asked God that Isaac’s wife would do.

The thing that fascinated me the most is when Eliezer goes to Rebekah’s family to ask for her hand. All Eliezer did was gave an account of what he was doing there, what he told God to do and what happened with Rebekah at the well.

And without thinking twice or asking a single question her family agrees for her to go with him to marry Isaac. And their reason, was based purely on the fact that the Lord said that Rebekah should marry Isaac.

The family did ask for her to stay a further 10 days but because Eliezer was eager to return home, they asked Rebekah if she wanted to go. And Rebekah too agreed. Imagine that leap of faith? A random man shows up and says that God sent him to take her to a foreign land to marry a man, a distant relative who she has not even seen. And she agrees. I can’t even imagine doing something as outrageous as that these days.

But here is the difference between life today and life back in Rebekah’s time. They had such great faith in God back then. When God spoke, they moved. Rebekah didn’t even have to consider if she was making the right decision. Rebekah had so much of faith in God that she already knew she was making the right choice.

And she goes with Eliezer. And the Bible says that Isaac, not only marries her, but he loved her too. The bible goes on to say that Isaac was comforted after his mother death. Showing that Rebekah filled a very big part of his life, completing him.

What an amazing story. There is so much more to her story but I just wanted to focus on this one leap of faith for today. If there is anything we can learn from Rebekah is that when God makes a decision. We can be guaranteed that that decision will be for our best. We don’t have to question Him, we don’t have search for more answers, we don’t have to second guess Him.

Marriage is a huge part of who we are. But if we don’t consult with God, we will always have questions if the person is right for us. But look what happens when we let God lead us. As we can clearly see in the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah, a marriage built on faith, complete and filled with love.