Just Call Me Friend.

God talked to Moses on several occassions, the Bible says in Exodus 33:11 'God spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.' This goes to show that God revealed himself to Moses, in a way which was rarely shown to any other.



Hallelujah, is the Highest Praise. It's Heaven's song of the redeemed. It's a shout of praise, a shout of joyous celebration, a declaration of the Glory of God...I have put together a playlist of my favourite songs which declare the Highest Praise. You can listen to it on YouTube as well as on Spotify...


About Me

My name is Deshni Ganesan and I am based on the North Coast of KZN in sunny South Africa. I am the creator and the voice behind this amazing website.


Get Some Rest

Have you ever been so tired that your tired was tired, so tired that you were already tired for tomorrow? Yes? Well then you are in the right place because my goodness, am I tired and in need of good ole R&R.