The Three Wise Men’s Gifts

The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas is tied to the Wise Men, when they took on the journey to offer their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to Jesus.

At that time, those gifts were expensive and rare. It would have cost the Wise Men a great deal especially to source them.

But more than just the cost of the gifts. It cost the Wise Men a lot more.

The arduous journey they took, was a perilous one and would have taken time and a great effort. The trip could have also cost them their lives when they did not report back to Herod on the whereabouts of Jesus.

But at the end, it was obviously worth the cost and effort. The wise men heard about Jesus, they determined that they wanted to find Him… They went in search of Him, and they found Him and worshiped Him with the gifts that they saw fit for a Great King.

The thing about the gifts the Wise Men offered was that they could afford those extravagant gifts. It is without a doubt no cost was spared and that the magnitude of the provision those gifts brought was a great one. But a sacrifice was made nonetheless, in both cost and effort.

The concept of gift giving is just that, it needs to cost you something in order for it to be worth something to the receiver. Our problem is that we focus on the actual cost only and forget about the effort.

Just remember that gift giving is about the thought, the effort and what you put into it… and not just the cost. And if you are on the receiving end this Christmas don’t look only at the price tags but at the thought and effort behind it.. because you never really know what effort was taken in getting that gift to you…