Cheer Up, Buttercup!

It’s December, Sheila! The most wonderful time of the year! It’s like overnight the atmosphere has changed to this magical, delightful season. It is truly the best part of the year… But the sad reality is that not everyone shares in the excitement for this change of season.

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The Bible In A Year and A Bit

There have been so many reasons why my boys have made me proud over the years, however nothing could come close to this accomplishment. Commitment, consistency, and daily sacrifice were the building blocks for this task. A task which took them 12 months and 14 days to complete.

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My Husband Baked a Cake…

Somebody please tell me what on Earth could make a man whose cooking skills are limited to tossing a steak on a braai suddenly decide to bake a cake in the middle of a relaxing Sunday afternoon? I don’t know, but that is exactly what Japheth decided to do...

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A few nights ago, I was disturbed from my sleep… When I opened my eyes, I found that complete darkness greeted me. Naturally I looked towards our bedroom window and was surprised that there was just a teeny tiny bit of light shining through the curtains. It then occurred to me there was a power failure and the entire neighbourhood had no lights on, at that point I was so thankful for that tiny bit of light which came into the room…

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Mum, Where My Track Pants at?

I promise you, if I could save all the extra Rand's I spent replacing stuff which my kids lost over the years, I would have enough money for an international holiday. A holiday that could have totally saved me from all this ‘Mum, I lost my stuff…’ stress!

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Becoming Me

19 years ago, I left my childhood home heartbroken. I left behind all that I knew, a lifetime of happy memories, a great childhood and countless friendships. My mum packed up our whole life neatly into a truck and we moved across the province to a much smaller town than the one I grew up in.

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Live Called – What does it mean?

A few weeks ago, my eldest son, Judah asked me what does my WhatsApp status mean and questioned why don’t I ever change it? I have had the same status since I opened my WhatsApp account several years ago. It simply says, ‘Live Called’.

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