Have you Accepted the Challenge?

I will be the first to say I love a good selfie. Though not a big fan of black and white ones but I always love a good selfie. When I got these notifications to post a selfie I thought it was just another superficial challenge.

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Adapt Girl, or Get Left Behind

I always considered myself good at multitasking, I could always manage various things at once, and I believe I still can. But lockdown just pushed me over the edge. Helping the kids with school, working, running the household, fears of the ‘what ifs’ with the virus, all proved to be too much for me. I finally found my breaking point.

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90 Days Later

Wow, what a ride the last 90 days has been. March 2020 saw life as we knew it come to a complete halt and the world changed right before our very eyes. This new and strange lockdown world was surreal...

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God knows you

I was so blessed this evening with this portion of scripture and this beautiful worship I thought I should share it with you too...

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Oh, There’s Nothing Better than You…

Moments before our President announced a 21 day lockdown for South Africa due to COVID-19, I was listening to a beautiful new worship song by Elevation Worship featuring Brandon Lake, Graves into Gardens… As I listened to the lyrics, I was immediately swept to the time I first gave my heart to the Lord…

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Power Up!

There are many ideas of what a good marriage is and aren’t we all tiresomely trying to portray a pretty picture perfect, white picket fence marriage, when in reality, we are completely lost, having no idea what we got ourselves into? Ok, maybe it’s not so bad, but for most I’m sure it is quite a bumpy ride. I don’t think I could ever call Japheth and myself relationship goals but when I think about it, there are a few things I think we have gotten right.

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It’s 2020!

When I was younger, 2020 seemed like it was going to be a thrilling, futuristic time. A time so far ahead that we could not comprehend what it would feel like to be alive in this era. Shows like Beyond 2000 and cartoons like The Jetsons set our minds ablaze with the new and exciting technology that would soon take over our lives.

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So Long, 2019!

2019 has most definitely been a strange year. A year with a mixed bag of ups and downs, tremendously high, highs and extremely low, lows... Honestly, it has been one perplexing year and I’m happy to see the end of it. But on the same token I’m grateful for all that I’ve experienced and learnt this year. I was thinking how I was going to mark not only the end of this year but the end of this decade and thought what better way to say farewell than by sharing a few lessons 2019 has taught me. So, here is my list of 5 things I learnt in 2019.

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Unto Us

For most of my life I have always had a great festive experience. I’ve never been one to associate this part of the year with hurt or pain of any kind. Thus far I have to admit I have been tremendously blessed. But of late I have been reading of and encountering experiences in my own life which have been deeply troubling, which for me, is foreign especially during the Christmas period. These scriptures have brought and a sense of peace and comfort during these turbulent times. Reminding me that Christmas is more than those picture-perfect moments, but that Jesus came into a broken world to save the hurt, lost and discouraged...

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Tis the Season…

When I decided to start this blog, I had images in my mind of a stunning website with new engaging daily social media content, beautifully designed products readily available, a perfect monthly newsletter and blog post which everyone can relate to, at least once a week! Surely, that was not a lot to ask for?

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