When I think about the character of God, I usually think of Him with a steadfast character. Unwavering, dedicated and absolute. A type of character that is displayed in a relationship much like a Father and child.

So, I pray that the same character of steadfastness could be instilled in me. Because as a parent, steadfastness is vitally important as it plays such an important role in the way we raise our kids.

Research shows when kids who are raised in a stable, reliable and loving environment, are found to display less anxiety, have a higher sense of security and are well adjusted. However children who grow up in a chaotic, hostile and tense environment usually are found to have behaviour issues, academic and social problems. And sadly being raised up in a toxic environment can also lead to more severe issues like substance abuse and anger management issues.

I declare Psalms 51:10 over you, over me and over every parent today…🌷🌷🌷

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